September 16, 2012

Moderate to severe . . . .

Note:  I began this post in April. Before it was finished, things got wild in our lives. You could say May, June, July & August kicked me in the rear-end. It was definitely a kick that caused me to neglect this blog and my five followers. 
Sorry . . . . I will start posting again. Cross my heart.

     A few weeks ago my therapist told me she thinks I am depressed. I completed some screening questions and the screening indicated I am 'moderate to severely' depressed. I made an appointment with my PCP (primary care physician - what a silly acronym - I call him Dr. R.) to change or add to the anti-depressant medications I take each day.

     I've taken antidepressants for several years. Prior to starting antidepressant medication, I had the attitude of a certain dwarf*. I didn't realize grumpiness is a symptom of depression.My doctor told me that one of every three patients he sees suffers from some degree of depression.

* Grumpy

    It also runs in families. My mother battled depression for many years. She was diagnosed as bipolar, except it was called manic depression in those days.

     Previous to starting antidepressant medication, I had no idea depression was so common. Now, I make a point to talk about my depression and medication whenever I can. It is not talked about enough. People need to know they are not alone with it.

     Over the past year I have noticed there are certain signs telling me I'm getting depressed. The problem is, when you are depressed, knowing it's happening is not enough to get you out of it. If I have an especially bad day, at least I know tomorrow will most likely be much better.

     One sign has to do with my medications and the other with laundry. I don't remember to take my meds every day when I'm getting depressed. And, I cannot make myself fold and put away the laundry, either. I usually get it washed and we have to dig for clean clothes in baskets.


  1. Hang in there! Hoping we can get back to walking soon. This week is bad and next week isn't looking good either, sigh. The smoky air doesn't exactly entice me to walk either. Love ya!

  2. I hear you on the smoke! Baba left today for a couple days with his mom. My only goal is surviving!