September 22, 2012

Dare I write this?

     Panda has experienced an huge leap in emotional stability. Hardly any throwing things. She can often stop herself before she explodes in anger. This has been over the past several weeks. Her recent therapy sessions have focused on working through a book called, What to Do When You Grumble Too Much.

     We aren't sure if this book has wrought the change but the timing is right. Could be all the strategies we've worked on the past year are finally coming to fruition. Perhaps is it a result of her Baba resigning from his job and landing another job. He is so much more relaxed and engaged in family stuff without the stress from work.

     I suppose it doesn't actually matter. We are thankful for the changes, no matter the source! We love her so much!

Panda and her gigantic cabbage. All third graders in the school district receive a cabbage to grow over the summer.


  1. Are you kidding me?!!! Panda grew that??? Send her over next summer our yard and garden need her!!!

  2. That's a honking big cabbage! WOW!!

  3. We cut it into quarters to fit in the refrigerator!!

  4. Holy cow, you should see our cabbage, it's tiny. I'll have to show Margot this picture. We really had a nice time with the girls Saturday/Sunday. Rick did report that the younger of the two let out a scary scream and Rick asked what was wrong. She said Augusta scared her. He asked if she was scared of dogs (I was at the birthday party during this). She said no. He asked if she was scared of Augusta, she said yes. He told her he'd have to call you and have you pick her up if she was scared of Augusta. She immediately said she was fine. During this whole conversation she had a sneaky smile on her face. Rick told her not to scream like that again and she said O.K. The rest of the evening went smoothly.

  5. She is indeed an accomplished screamer. She probably said she was afraid of Augusta because she doesn't know Rick very well. She has no fear of any dog and so I bet she just wanted to scream. :o)