November 15, 2011

Another post worth reading

     Lest you think childhood trauma is not on my mind lately, check out this post from Jen Hatmaker. I stumbled onto it around 3:00a.m. this morning when I couldn't sleep.

Quilt Block Challenge

     I've challenged myself to make a quilt block each day for the next two weeks. Last Saturday I took a class for machine quilting and it lit a fire under me. I found free block patterns on-line and got busy using my fabric stash. I've chosen beginner level blocks that finish at 12" x 12". A few days ago I snagged a 10 1/2 yard chunk of flannel at St. Vincent de Paul for $5.25. It will be a nice backing for this challenge project.

     Here are the first blocks.

Spinning Star
This went together beautifully although it is slightly shy of finished size. I love the design.

Peace and Plenty
I had some technical difficulty understanding the cutting directions. Thus I have a few extra 'parts' lying around the sewing room after finishing this one.
     Panda is interested in learning to sew. Since she is off from school, we cruised the pattern books at Joann Fabric. She was ready to buy ten patterns but we exercised caution and left them all at the store.

     This Joann location has an independent sewing machine shop within it. The salesperson showed us two models. One a Singer and the other a Husquvarna-Viking. Several people have recommended Janome brand so I'm also considering it. My current machine is more than 35 years old and a second machine is looking very likely.

November 13, 2011

November - already?!?!

     Halloween has come and gone. The decorations are stowed away for next year (except the witch hats, which are mighty fun props). The candy treats are almost gone.

     We have experienced the first snow fall. Panda's school is on a track break for three weeks in November. They had a fall program the last day of school. It was an entertaining variety show with a play, songs and comedians. Panda played Sally in 'The Great Pumpkin'.

Sally (aka Panda) in The Great Pumpkin

 Pooda plays in the snow wearing a fancy dress and heels.

The maple leaves have turned (and fallen by the time of this post). 

Play activities move indoors with a skyscraper made of Lincoln Logs.

Another sign it is getting cold, Diva and Buddy have moved indoors for snoozing.

Because there is no such thing as being too close to the screen. (I don't understand why anyone would do this . . . . )

 A last stint of outdoor play with shorts & bare feet. Baba included in photo for reference so the viewer can gauge height of the handmade play structure.

Pooda crashes at the top of the stairs. Yes, she is asleep. 

Removing slimy seeds from the pumpkins. Still warm enough for shirt sleeves.