March 30, 2011

What We Look Like

Here are some snapshots of our family.

This is Pooda wearing ballet toe shoes she made from paper and scotch tape.

This is Panda with a stuffed rabbit made from old socks.
 This is Baba with his girls & a birthday pizza.

This is me.

Monkeyin' Around

    I took the girls to a play gym today. So did many other families from around here. We had to wait for someone to leave before they would admit us - that's how full the place was and it was only 11:00a.m. I brought my camera to take photos of them on the climbing wall. The memory card was full because Pooda takes alot of pictures with my camera. Most of the pictures are not worth saving, but it's interesting to see what she thinks is important enough to photograph. For example, this is our dog Hogan's nose.

    When we returned home, they played outside with the neighbor kids. I was very happy they could play outside. Eventually I frightened the neighbor kids away because I was grumpy & unreasonable. They wanted to bury each other in our pea gravel. I said 'NO'. They left in a hurry.
    Then Panda wanted to come inside and watch the new Barbie movie with me. She likes to spend lowman* time with mommy every day, so how could I refuse? Alas, the dvd remote was no where to be found so we (sob, sob) could not watch the Barbie movie. Panda decided PBS Kids would do in a pinch. She made popcorn. I didn't make dinner. My terrific husband took them out for dinner - I wanted to have some lowman time myself.

* Lowman time is a word J-Bear coined when she was a toddler. It means alone time. J-Bear is my niece. She calls me Aunt Kiss. My girls call my sister Aunt Shaw.

March 29, 2011

Welcome to my 'Cloud with a Silver Lining'

   With a little encouragement, today I launch myself into the blog-o-sphere of wide open spaces. My first blog was invitation-only but it has been difficult for me to manage. It's a good idea to change course when your efforts aren't working, so here I go.
   I am a stay-at-home mom. I got married when I was 41. Two years later we decided to adopt from China. I was 44 when we brought Panda home. Two years later we brought Pooda home. I spend my days trying to keep my head above water in this wonderful & challenging world that is my life.
   Some days I swim, some days I float, and occasionally I sink like a brick. Either way, I try to find the silver lining. I hope you enjoy the cloud search with me.