April 17, 2011

Our Pets

There are several four-legged pals who live with us. Two of each species and two of each gender. There is also a creature with fins in our house. They keep things from getting dull. And they make sure its hairy in the corners and on the stairs.

Here are the furry family members:

Hogan and Diva are good friends, although Hogan is not quite as keen on the relationship as Miss Diva. Hogan was a six year old, retired stud dog when he came to live with us. Diva is our newest family member. She formerly resided at the humane society.

This is what happens if the dinner table is set too early.

Buddy is the biggest & sweetest cat in the neighborhood. He was an adult when he arrived at the humane society so we don't know his age. He was in a foster home with a dozen other cats. We've thanked our lucky stars since the day we brought Buddy home.

Gigi is a shepherd mix. She had puppies - her owners decided they had too many dogs. (Do not get me started on that sort of pet owner.) Gigi and her puppies ended up at the humane society. After the puppies found homes, it was Gigi's turn. She is very kid-friendly. Gigi has a few scars from her earlier life. She did not like men & was afraid to go outside. My guess is she spent a lot of time outside. She has been with us for two years and is not so skittish any longer.

For some reason, we have no photos of Dr. Dimento, our gold fish. Go to Petco and look at the gold fish. Dr. Dimento looks just like the orange ones.

April 15, 2011

Panda's Seattle Adventure

    Panda & I flew to Seattle this week. It was a one night trip. We packed only what fits in two backpacks and one tote bag. I wore every item of clothing packed in my bag. Panda brought three complete changes of clothes. Stuffed into a kid-sized backpack.
    The trip's purpose was for Panda to get re-evaluated by the neurological reorganization practitioner. Neuro Reorg (NR) is one of the therapies we are doing for Panda. It is a non-invasive treatment & I'll explain more in another post.
    The re-evaluation takes two hours. Panda's patience was wearing thin the last 45 minutes. I gave her my new cell phone to play with while I talked to the therapist. She figured out how to play Uno on the phone. I did not even know the phone had games. Panda is one smart cookie.

Random Reminder Notes to Self

-Do not put an opened box of Junior Mints in your purse. They will fall out and goo other things.
-Remember to pay the motel deposit for our summer vacation at Lake Tahoe.
-Do not let go of the boarding passes, even if someone from TSA says you can put them away. They will get lost and you might have heart palpitations.
-Do not forget to read professional journals and take the quizzes. You must log 33 more continuing education hours before the end of May. (Don't worry, man. I'm going to a conference the end of this month. A cool 20 hours will result.)
-Do not get upset with Pooda for picking so many daffodils & grape hyacinths. She wanted to make the boxwood bush more colorful. One day you will long for her flower picking & ribbon strewing days.

Please note: I did not choose the ensemble my daughter is wearing. I am not guilty of mixing red, white and blue stars with pink and brown stripes. Pooda has a style all her own.

April 5, 2011

Scenes from a Wedding

     Here is another essay. This one catches my breath and pulls it from my body. My daughters' life experiences are described in this analogy. Panda and Pooda are strong, brave and lovable children. If only I could remove this from their pasts. I cannot. I can try to help them find a manageable place in their hearts for powerful feelings and life-altering experiences.

April 4, 2011

Scenes from Holland

     Before I became a mom, I worked for $$ and also to feel I was making a difference. I was employed by State Government. I believed I was one of the good guys who helped more than did-not-help people. I'm a registered dietitian and maintain my professional credentials (by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin). I still believe I am a good guy and my employment work was important. Others are doing that important job now. I am happy with my decision to abandon the world of paychecks.
     Here is a link to an essay I love reading over and over again. I kept a copy in my desk at work and at home. It has a profound effect on me every time I read it. It represents my search for the silver lining in rain clouds. This essay is found on many websites with a simple search.
This essay and my previous employment are connected because work is where I came across this piece.