December 18, 2011

Recent happenings

     We have been busy with fun activities, in addition to the regular, not-always-as-fun things like school, laundry, scraping windshields. Here are some highlights:

In costumes outside the fellowship in early December. Both girls had parts in which they were plants so they wore green.

Poodaloo on stage as a tree branch. The skit was about the difference one person can make. It was called, 'How Much Does a Snowflake Weigh?'

Panda onstage as a laurel branch. This skit was a trial concerning traditional winter celebrations. The greenery were called on the witness stand (but that photo wasn't very good).

Our Christmas tree was decorated by the girls. It is beautiful and glows out the front window for all to see.

We attended a celebration at Panda's school. It was titled 'Milk and Cookies with Santa and Mrs. Claus'. In spite of us being the 92nd family in line to see Santa, a wonderful time was had by all the kids. Here Poodaloo is working on her letter to Santa.

Panda is making reindeer food using oatmeal and glitter.

 Visiting Dasher the reindeer outside the school building.

Mrs. Claus reading stories to children as they waited to see the big guy. Poodaloo is wearing a yellow snowflake on her hairdo. She made the snowflake while waiting in the gym. Panda didn't make snowflakes because she was busy running around the gym with her classmates.
 This one is "the funny photo" suggested by Santa. Both Mr. and Mrs. Claus were featured in a story.

December 17, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

     The girls are opening advent calendars to hasten the arrival of Christmas. Several years ago I found reasonably priced advent calendars with little boxes to fill. I spent oodles of time searching for toys small enough to fit into the boxes (less than 2 inches square). This was like looking for needles in the haystack. The new modus operandi is a note in the box (along with candy) saying there is a gift to open.

     I didn't realize how much the girls LOVE the tradition until this year. I didn't get things ready before December 1 and planned to skip it. No way were Panda and Poodaloo* letting that happen.

     After several days of (not so gentle) reminders, I bought five bags of Christmas candy and let them fill a calendar for each other.

     The great thing is: they are happy with this method, too. It makes no difference to their enjoyment of the tradition. How cool is that? Plus, I've finally gotten myself in a holiday frame of mind and starting this morning, there will be notes in the boxes and they will have surprises to open.

     *  Poodaloo has requested to be known by her full nickname from this day forward. She does not care for the diminuitive version (Pooda).