May 7, 2012


     Spent the latter part of last week (Wed-Fri) in the Wood River Valley attending a conference. My first official dietitian job was at the small hospital in Sun Valley. St. Moritz (name of hospital) has been replaced by a modern facility south of town.

     The conference was put on by the dietetic association in the state. I was very active in the association during my time as an employed person. I know people from all over the state and from many disciplines of dietetics. The conference is a highlight for me each year. This one was no exception.

     The agenda seemed geared for my personal education, although I'm sure that was not the planning committee's intent. There were several presentations about relationship development within the health care team. One doctor presented information about functional and integrative medicine even though the session was called Metabolic Syndrome something-or-other. There was an allergist who explained a great deal about allergies and how he works with registered dietitians to help patients. A PhD candidate RD talked of her research in the area of autism. (Many parents of autistic children use a gluten-free, casein-free diet.)

     And the best part of all? My family survived*, even thrived, during my absence!! Thursday morning was a little dicey, but they were all feeling fine from that point on. In fact, the only known undesirable outcome: Hogan ate four meals a day while I was gone. Gigi gets very unnerved without me around. She won't let Loren feed her. Hogan has no such qualms.

     This next thing has nothing to do with dietitians or my trip to Sun Valley. Here is a fun monologue. I had a similar experience with my children a few years ago. It began with cows instead of frogs. Enjoy . . .

* Friday morning Poodaloo complained of being too sick to attend school. Daddy brushed her off and sent her to school. At 10:30 he received a call from school. She had upchucked and they would like him to take her home. By the time I got home that evening, there was no evidence of illness.


  1. Glad you had an educational and kid free couple of days. Not good about Poodaloo being ill, glad she was well by the time you got home. I saw Dominoe's is starting to offer gluten free pizza.

  2. Good to know about Domino's. On Saturday I ate at Red Robin and they were extremely knowledgeable about GF foods. They even have specific GF French fries available to order.