April 25, 2012

School carnival

     The next big event was the school carnival. It was held on a Friday night. I don't know how the faculty and staff can be so cheerful and excited on a Friday night.

Hoping to win a cake.

Panda is in a purple-blue shirt in the center. She's wearing colorful sandals.

The cake walk markers were countries from around the world (instead of numbers).

One activity included glitter in the hair and face painting.

Of course, there was food. She can't eat the bun but that just meant more room for  hot dogs. Panda ate four  dogs! (We ate dinner before going to the carnival.)

Poodaloo takes aim for that teeny, tiny hole.
     They also have a silent auction. I love silent auctions! Unfortunately, I 'won' several items - including a new cordless drill. I thought the item was a $90 gift card from Lowes. I was sure someone would outbid.

     I don't need another cordless drill. If YOU need a cordless drill, give me a shout - I will make you a really good deal. Really, . . . . call me!

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